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Being on the cutting edge isn’t for everyone. We’ll take that chance.



It’s a big world out there and smart people are constantly finding new and better ways to live happy, eat healthy, stay fit, and structure a plan for success in college and the rest of their lives.

At Next Step Lifestyle (and Lifestyle Magazine), we’re making it our business to track those people, to engage with the trendsetters and learn about the latest thinking in health, fitness, diet, technology, fashion, design and careers. Our contributors are experts in their chosen fields and are motivated to provide our readers with all the tools available to make their college experience as optimal and successful as 

Adapting to new ways of thinking and behaving is not just what college is all about, it’s what life is all about.

Next Step Lifestyle is one of the integrated brands of Next Step Universe offering cutting edge content for success in college along with 3 other brands of NextStepU (college planning and search), Next Step Money (money management and personal finance), and Next Step Job (career planning and jobs).



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